Little steps, either direction.

So, I had someone come to me this week to tell me that the internet connectivity was fast and wondering if there was a problem. It was a funny way to start a Monday morning, especially considering the way the network was acting up last week. Since I have been at Intelliware, technically, I have certainly had my ups and downs. There was actually a comment from one of my peers that there seems to be a lot of network issues lately. I think my peer wanted to say, “since I started”. But that is certainly a comment that I can smile about. Only being here for 6 months, I am even feeling the outages. It continually consumes my thoughts because I am responsible for it. As I said during my first Lunch and Learn, if you need someone to point a finger at, point it at me. I am responsible for the infrastructure and you are my unsatisfied customer.

With that said, progress is about taking a step forward and one or two steps back in a different direction. For me, these are growing pains. Trying to get the infrastructure to a position whereby issues are not common place. Where “business as usual” is project driven and dealing with one off issues are not frequent. My team and I are making great progress, taking the little steps to inmprove the infrastructure. The unfortunate thing is that sometimes, our small changes, do things that are not expected and everyone feels the impact. The difficult thing for us, is some of the things that we are changing, can not be tested as we do not have a test environment. A good example of this would be any changes to the firewall or our external connectivity. We can do all the research, check with external resources and experts, become comfortable and confident with what we are changing, but there is always a small thing that could happen that was least expected. Then, BOOOOOOM, everyone feels it.

What I do know, with all the little things that we have changed, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My goal is to have all the network upgrades completed by the end of April. That would consist of:

1) Move all connectivity to new WAN – almost there
2) Move all DNS to new WAN Telco – began preparations
3) Replace LAN switches with one core switch with redundancy – business case has been submitted
4) Cleanup DHCP and re-organize reservations, IP allocations, etc.

I am expecting some minor cleanup afterwards, but once the bulk of this is completed, we will feel the sun on our faces as we breach the end of the tunnel…Again, I appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to improve the infrastructure at Intelliware.

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