New TL7 Version Promoted

Last Friday, we promoted a new version of the TL7 code. The key piece of functionality that we’ve changed is the information about code sets and vocabularies, which we’ve now made publicly accessible.

Other than that, we’ve tweaked a couple of look-and-feel items — IE6, it turned out, wasn’t entirely happy with the structure of our menubar. IE7 was fine, but IE6 less so.

And (for beta clients) we’ve added some sample code to show how to post HL7 messages though our REST interface in Ruby. This new sample joins our existing Java example, and can be accessed on the simple client page. Unfortunately, the ability to process messages (i.e. read and message, perform the requested operation, and send a response) is currently only available to beta clients.

We hope to follow the old mantra, “release early, release often,” so with luck, we’ll have a next release as soon as possible.

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