New Panacea feature: Additional Search Criteria

We’ve added additional search criteria to the person search page. You can now search by person identifier and whether or not a person’s record has any conditions, dispenses, immunizations, notes, or prescriptions.

For the Person Identifier, you can search in 3 ways:

1) by type (i.e. by root)

  • e.g. you can find all those people with a general practitioner ID

2) by number (i.e. by extension)

  • e.g. you can find all the people with a person identifier with extension “123456”

3) by both

  • if you get an exact match it will return the person but will ignore the person identifier criteria if no match is found

For each “Has X” criteria, you can specify 1 of 3 values:

1) Yes

  • will only return results that have at least one X record

2) No

  • will only return results that have no X records

3) nothing

  • will ignore this criteria in the search
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