New Panacea feature: HIAL logs

Panacea now captures the SOAP envelopes of requests that it receives and responses that it sends out. These can be accessed via the “HIAL Logs” entry in the Logs menu.

This feature is still a little rough and may undergo some refinement. Specifically:

  1. only messages sent via the SOAP interface are captured at the moment. Since that’s the only defined interface for the jurisdictions that we support, it shouldn’t be a problem for now.
  2. this log feature does not match up with the previous implementation of logging HIAL messages. We will address this in the next development cycle.
  3. the SOAP envelopes are not linked to the HL7 messages that they contain. There are a couple of technical reasons for this. One is that a message that cannot be processed will not have a corresponding Hl7 message. Another is that we can’t make any assumptions about the transport layers used by different jurisdictions.
  4. the SOAP envelopes are not grouped by dataset. That is, all messages appear for all users. It’s a technical reason again – if an incoming message does not have valid security credentials, then we don’t know which dataset to put it in. This may be a security concern in the future.

Note that any simulated errors, either HTTP or SOAP faults, will appear as outgoing error messages. There will be no HL7 message log for simulated errors, but there will be a HIAL log for it (incoming and outgoing).

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