New Panacea feature: optional validation of XML schemas and more

Panacea can now be configured to reject messages if

  1. the message does not match the XML schema that defines it
  2. mandatory fields are missing, or
  3. syntax errors occur in the message

By default, this feature is turned off since many of the messages being sent to us fail in one or more of these categories.

In order to test your messages against these criteria, it’s a simple matter to turn on this validation.

Validation options are stored at the dataset level. To change these options, log into Panacea, select “User Data” from the Data menu, select the dataset you are interested in editing, and simply edit the dataset information.

Note that the schema validation can be turned on or off. The other errors will always be returned but their severity can be tuned.

Please contact the Panacea team if you have any questions about this functionality.

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