Remote Desktop screen resolution

Ever remotely connected to a machine with your screen’s resolution > 1600 across or greater than 1200 down and ended up with a stretched, or window/letterboxed display? Ever wondered why?

It appears the version of Remote Desktop shipped with XP will support a maximum of 1600×1200, so depending on your monitor and it’s settings, you either end up with a stretched display or window/letter boxing.

The Remote Desktop in Vista has corrected this, and supposedly supports dual monitors as well (although the last time I read, the client and target machine had to have identical screen layouts and resolutions).

When I last looked at this, there wasn’t a way to upgrade Remote Desktop in XP, but now there is. It’s called SP3.

I’ve installed SP3 at home, but hadn’t used Remote Desktop in awhile. Recently, I fired it up, and immediately noticed it was different. Sure enough, once I was connected, I was seeing the remote desktop at full resolution of my monitor (1920×1200).

Just be cautious if you have an AMD system, and especially from HP. There have been reports of constant reboots if you attempt this, but I haven’t been keeping track, so don’t know what/if any fix is currently available.

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