Categorization of Vocabulary Domains

There are several categories of Vocabulary Domain.

Datatype-Specific Vocabulary Domains

Some vocabulary domains exist only for the purpose of defining one of the fundamental HL7 data types.

Vocabulary Domain Used by Data Type
AddressPartType AddressPart (ADXP), Postal Address (AD)
EntityNamePartType EntityNamePart, EntityName (EN), PersonName (PN), OrganizationName (ON)
EntityNameUse EntityName (EN), PersonName (PN), OrganizationName (ON)
TelecommunicationsAddressUse TelecommunicationsAddress (TEL)

Pure Infrastructure

Some vocabulary domains exist only for “infrastructure” purposes. While they are important to the overall application, users are not likely to ever see these values.

Vocabulary Domain Used for
ProcessingID This code is used to indicate whether a particular message is intended for a Production environment, a Debugging environment or a Training environment.
AcknowledgementCondition A flag to indicate whether acknowledgments need to be sent in response to a message
HL7StandardVersionCode A value that indicates which version of the HL7 specification the message conforms to.

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