Web Development Tools

For debugging javascript, viewing the DOM by selecting items, seeing the style applied etc, here are 2 great tools.

  1. For Firefox, check out Firebug

2. For IE, check out Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

Firebug is more powerful, but at least if you want/need to check something in IE, there’s an option.

Why would you care? The first time I used it was for stylesheet changes. Imagine you’re modifying a stylesheet but the element isn’t getting the style. Open the document in Firefox, inspect it, and you can see the styles applied in order, and by file. It will also show those that are defined, but are overridden at a higher level.

Ever wanted to test some javascript against a page, but don’t want to have to keep modifying the source page? Again, open up Firefox and enter the javascript in Firebug. It runs it right there, and shows the results. Once you get it correct, you can cut-and-paste it into your code.

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