Deeper Shade of Green at Intelliware

This week we had our company’s quarterly review meeting. I saw the usual Power Point slides of “what we did right”, “what we need to improve” and “the overall temperature of the company”. There was one slide that caught my attention more than others. It was a slide about greening Intelliware more. This slide talks about saving electricity and I thought it was a great idea. The company already promotes commuters to ride their bikes to work by providing bike racks and shower facilities at work. The company has won several awards from the city for this initiative.

Inspired by the call to action, I’ve started turning off all the computers my team uses before heading home for the day. How does this help?

Well, in my team, we have 4 desktop computers with LCD monitors. According to Columbia University Environment Stewardship energy usage calculator, a typical computer with LCD monitor if turned on 24/7 for a year, it will produce about 1159 lbs of CO2. This works out to about 3.17 lbs of CO2 per day. This is a conservative estimate because the computers we used are high powered compare to a typical desktop. Let’s say we leave a computer on for 9 hours a day during the work weeks and turned off on the weekends, it’ll produce 309 lbs of CO2* per year! Wow. Isn’t that cool!? If I can do this with the 4 computers we used, we would have about the same CO2 foot print as 1 computer turned on 24/7.

More good news! More computers turned off; the cooler the room will be, which requires less cooling less energy (so we save $$).

I hope you will join me in this initiative.

* Yearly CO2 output from 9 hours per day.
= 3.17 x (((45 hours per week turned on) x 52 weeks) / 24 hours)
= 3.17 x (2349 hours turned on / 24 hours)
= 309 lbs of CO2 per year

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