Looking for Witnesses

Those who have worked closely with me have come to know that I have a habit of making lofty, unrealistic fitness and diet goals. In the past, challenges to some of these goals have been made by Dion and Erez in the form of a team pool on the HW team (winner predicts when I bow out). Of course, I failed without consequence other than you guys teasing me (but what else was new?).

I’m afraid to admit that I am at it again. During a recent taunting match with Dorin, I declared that I’m going to jog at least 2 days week, starting this week for two months. To make it interesting, Melvin is acting as caretaker of a meaningful prize. Although jogging is one of my least favourite things to do, I’ve found it to be more effective than going to gym; hence the torture I’m willing to endure. Also, I am hoping to better my time in a 10K run as a positive side effect.

I intend to share my prize with all who will act as witnesses by jogging with me at anytime during this two-month challenge…….The bottom line is, I must beat Dorin and throw an “I beat Dorin!” party on September 21st. We will use this page to update my progress weekly.

Wish me luck!


Week Date Time Place Confirmed
1 Thursday, July 19 12:15-12:45pm High Park Yes
1 Saturday, July 21 10:30-11:15am High Park Yes
2 Monday, July 23 12:30-1:00pm High Park Yes
2 Thursday, July 26 6:00-6:30pm High Park Yes
3 Monday, July 30 12:30-1:15pm High Park Yes
3 Thursday, August 2 12:20-12:45pm High Park Yes
4 Tuesday, August 7 12:20-12:45pm High Park Yes
4 Thursday, August 9 5:45-6:15pm High Park Yes
5 Monday, August 13 5:15-5:45pm High Park Yes
5 Wednesday, August 15 5:10-5:35pm High Park Yes
6 Tuesday, August 21 12:20-12:45pm High Park Yes
6 Thursday, August 23 5:25-5:45pm High Park Yes
7 Tuesday, August 28 7:00-7:30pm High Park Yes
7 Thursday, August 30 6:15-6:35pm High Park Yes
8 Tuesday, September 4 5:15-5:45pm High Park Yes
8 Thursday, September 6 12:20-12:50pm High Park Yes
9 Thursday, September 13 6:15-6:45pm High Park Yes
9 Saturday, September 15 10:45-11:30am Downtown Yes

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