Study Group – Sketching User Experiences

Subject: Sketching User Experiences
When: Tuesday July 17, 2007
Moderator: David Jones

I tend to accept the first design that presents itself. It means I can start coding sooner. But I’m often over taken by the nagging doubt that perhaps the design wasn’t quite the flash of brilliance that my ego endorsed. In a pair or group we are more likely to explore the design space, but too frequently we spend our time explaining a design to others before collecting a reasonable set of alternatives. Bill Buxton recommends generating 5 designs before winnowing: 3 choices is classic civil service – there really is only the 1 reasonable choice, but 5 overwhelms the influence of the initial choice, and it turns out that generating 5 isn’t as difficult as you might assume.

This study group will investigate sketching as a way to help explore the design space; finding the right design.

We will cover a few chapters from Mr Buxton’s recent book:

Sketching User Experiences: getting the design right and the right design

  • sketching as a mechanism to explore the design space
  • what are the characteristics of such sketches
  • how do you sketch user interaction
  • show one example of interaction sketching, Sketch-A-Move

You might also want to watch the beginning of the Sketch-A-Move movie:

David Jones

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