Transferring a project between CVS Servers

Because CVS is file based transferring a project from one CVS Server to another is easy.

Just do the following:

1. FTP the entire project directory structure from one CVS Server to another.

2. Change the owner, group, and permissions of the project structure on the new server

  • chown will change the owner of the files and directories -R is recursive
  • chgrp will change the group of the files and directories -R is recursive
  • chmod will change the permissions of the files and direcotories -R is recursive -g+w gives the group write permissions.
chown -R my_cvs_group_name my_project_name
chgrp -R my_cvs_group_name my_project_name
chmod -R g+w my_project_name

NOTE: All your CVS server users should be in a linux group that corresponds to cvs

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