Canada: A Hotbed of Agile Activity?

Last week I attended the XP2007 conference in Como, Italy. Overall I felt it was a great conference with some really interesting sessions, lots of great people and a cool location. As an added bonus I had submitted an experience report, which was accepted, so I had a poster to present during the main part of the conference. This was a lot of fun as I found the poster to be a great vehicle for striking up conversations with folks I didn’t know. My poster and experience report were generally well received, which was nice also. I’ve posted additional details on the conference under XP2007.

The total number of attendees at the conference was 193 from about 20 countries. The organizers had a pie chart showing the number of attendees from each country, which unfortunately they have not made available for me to display here. Canada was in the middle of the pack in terms of the number of attendees, but what surprised me was the revelation that Canada was number one in terms of number of papers submitted. Does this mean that Canada is a hotbed for agile development research and innovation? I know that there’s some research going on at Carleton University and the University of Calgary, but this is only two schools. Certainly there must be more happening in bigger places like the US and Europe; or maybe not, and perhaps a number of the Canadian submissions came from practitioners in the private sector. This would be good news as it could serve as an indication that Canada is at the forefront in terms agile adoption.

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