Tip: Possible Fix When Eclipse Views FUBARed

I was spelunking some source using Eclipse’s Call Hierarchyview and I was sure that I was missing some callers. It took a few mouse clicks to confirm that, sure enough, I was missing some callers.

Hmm. Am I applying a filter? Nope. Perhaps a Working Set? Nope. Mylar! False alarm—no active Mylartask.

I tried to use the Open Type dialog to navigate to one of the missing classes but the class didn’t appear in the dialog. All right MisterEclipse. What gives?

Turns out that you can fix these sorts of problems by forcing Eclipse to rebuild its indexes by deleting the indexes from: <workspace>/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.jdt.core/*.index.

Absolutely no warranty implied by this tip so you might want to make a backup of your workspace before you delete your indexes.

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