Maven: How to Access Test classes in other Projects


Sometimes you want to access test classes defined in one project from another project.

Most often this is because you either want:

  • to directly use test utility classes defined in another project
  • to sub-class test classes that are defined in another project

Maven provides a standard mechanism to handle this requirement, which we document below.

Create a test jar for a project

First you will need to create a jar that contains the test classes for your project. This is done by the test-jar:jar goal of the maven-jar-plugin.

To cause this goal to be automatically run as part of the package phase of the lifecycle, you will need to add the following snippet to that project’s pom.xml file:


Use a test jar from one project in another project

Once you have a test jar in the repository for a project you can define a dependency on that jar in another project.

In the dependent project’s pom.xml file, you will need to specify a dependency like the following:

  • Note the specification of “test-jar” as the <type> instead of “jar”. This will cause the dependency to be on the test jar artifact for the project, which would have been generated with the naming convention:

    Thus, for the dependency define above, the artifact for the dependency would be named “my-artifact-id-1.2-tests.jar”.

  • Note also that you will almost certainly want to specify that the scope for this dependency is “test”, as we did above.

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