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A number of posts have referred to James Shore’s online book, The Art of Agile Development.

First of all I think it’s an interesting approach to writing a book, developing it iteratively online. Secondly, I like the spin that James Shore takes on Beck’s Extreme Programming Explained, 2nd ed.

Thirdly, I’ve found it very useful in my current assignment as an “Agile Process Coach.” Since I’m trying to introduce people to practices, it’s been very useful to have these chapters available online with which I can say to the team, “we want to do continuous integration. Everyone, read this link:

I just hope that the contents remain available after the book is published.

Can anyone point out any other resources like this that could be used in the same way? I’d want to be able to say: “Hey team, find 30 minutes to read about practice XYZ here, and then we’ll all be speaking the same language.” I’d be interested in any other agile or XP links or online books, and in particular info about Scrum at a similar level of detail to the “Art of Agile Programming” book.

I know we have some of that information on about the i-Proving development practices, but it’s a little light on detail. (And now I’ve got a bad feeling that I’m about to be voluntold for something.)

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