Train your brain – is effortless personal development possible?

It took me a few weeks to start listening to ted talks ( recommended by Thanou in his blog) but only a few minutes to appreciate the content and ideas.

You can say that not many are of interest for us (Intelliware) because only a few directly touch software development. But if you let yourself entertained by Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk you can’t miss the message he is sending about education and creativity (for those of you who have kids it is even more interesting). And there are so many more talks in the same category (I mean inspiring) that can help all of us on so many levels, from software development to personal development.

Of course, personal development is not easy; you have to read, listen to others, change, ? etc. and at the end do it all over again. Some times it can be really tough. For those interested in ‘painless’ personal development, there is a solution out there. Just listen to Lee Gerdes (degrees in physics, mathematics, theology and psychology; he designed software solutions for Amazon) and find the right package for you (there is no specific package to increase software development skills, but I am sure you can combine 2 or 3 and get the results you want). Would I take one? Tricky question!! There are a lot of books to read on Caren’s desk and I’m thinking to continue in that direction (at least for now 🙂 ).

PS. Here is an interesting link about what kind of results a company can achieve if it combines creativity and small teams (among other things).

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