Study Group – Long Term Goals Forum

Subject: Long Term Goals Forum
Where: Lunch Room
When: Tuesday Sept 19, 2006 12:30pm
Moderator: Louis Richer

This meeting will be a little different from the normal study group meeting, and instead will be a forum on the concept of Long Standing Teams that I have alluded to several times in the past few months. The redefinition of the team concept was not my idea. Rather it was another, often outspoken, Intelliware developer who infected me with this concept. As most of you know, I just can?t let a good idea go unheard.

Rather than have a fixed agenda going in, I would like proceed as David did with the last reading group and try and cover whatever seems to be of value to the meeting attendees on the subject. Some potential topics for discussion could be initial reactions and concerns, pros & cons, implementation ideas, barriers to success.

You may want to prepare for the discussion by reviewing the attached excerpt from Kent Beck?s updated XP Explained book on team continuity.

Another reference is

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