Apparently I'm a genius

So I’m working with Jason C today and we’re trying to figure out which jar file – out of a list of about 50 – contains the class we’re looking for.

Jason was diligently opening up each jar file in WinZip/7Zip/WinRar – whatever it was – and scanning for the file in question.

The conversation went something like this:

JC: Nope….Nope…Nope…Man, I wish we could just scan all of these things at once to find this damn thing!

Me: I know how to do that, but only in the Unix world. Open up a cygwin terminal and run this.

Moments later we had our answer.

The rest of the conversation went something like this.

JC: This is awesome. You’re a genius! We wouldn’t be able to do this without this script. I love it!

Me: Awe shucks. T’weren’t nuthin’.

Anyway, I thought that maybe others might be interested in some these Linux/Unix scripts I have in my back pocket, so I’ve decided to start a little repository for all of my Unix knowledge. My first entry is the script referred to above called “jargrep”.

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