JavaOne Schedule Builder

One of the interesting things to follow here at JavaOne is the huge dissatisfaction with an application called Schedule Builder. Apparently, this year JavaOne wants you to enroll in your sessions before you show up. If you’re enrolled, you get a seat. If you’re not enrolled, you only get a seat if there’s room.

The problem is that the Schedule Builder application is terrible! As a result, people have been making blog posts like this.

There are lots of little reasons why the tool is bad. Among its many limitations is the problem that you can’t view all sessions by time period. So, say you’re sitting around JavaOne on Wednesday afternoon and you think: “I wonder what sessions start at 1:30?” The best option is to search for all sessions (a query that takes a bit of time), then sort the results by time period, and then scroll down the list until you find Wednesday at 1:30. (And, no, there’s no “sessions by time” list in any of the printed materials, either). Bad planning. No biscuit.

What’s interesting is that so many people hate the session builder that someone built an alternative session planner. This alternative uses Java Web Start and uses a nice, rich API. That’s a creative form of complaint.

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