So, really, what’s the point?

Why do software packages like SnipSnap require us to learn their own formatting language? I guess the point is to remove ourselves from “dependency” on HTML, so that our posts can be moved to another language, but come on: we’re writing for the web, we should be able to code hrefs.

That is all.

(Actually, that’s not all. I found this SnipSnap help page to be quite useful, and I’ll likely continue to refer to it for as long as we have to use this thing. I give it 16 months before we replace SnipSnap with the Next New Bestest Thing Ever.)

Edit: at some point, my pointy-bracket href other-pointy-bracket stopped being translated properly (it disappeared). So I just changed it to href. This is the sort of thing I’m talking about, though – if I hadn’t been wandering through looking for something else, I wouldn’t have noticed that SnipSnap started converting HTML differently at some point, rendering my post even less readable than it already is.

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