This task defines a set of projects, and their corresponding artifacts and dependencies.


Attribute Description Required
dir This is the root directory for all artifacts. All file references specified in ‘artifact’ nested elements are relative to the directory specified in the ‘dir’ property. Yes

Parameters specified as nested elements


Attribute Description Required
name This is an id that uniquely identifies the project. The project name can be passed to the WeaverFileSet and WeaverFileList to obtain artifacts related to the project. Project name is also use in the ‘depends’ attribute to specify project dependencies. Yes
depends This is a comma delimited list of all projects that the declared project depends on. No


Artifact is a nested element of ‘Project’, not ‘WeaverProjects’.

Attribute Description Required
type This serves categorizes the artifact to support retrieval by type using the WeaverFileSet and WeaverFileList tasks. Yes
file This is a relative file path reference, relative to the ‘dir’ attribute specified in the enclosing ‘WeaverProjects’ task. Yes


<weaverProjects dir="c:/cvslocal/root">
  <project name="client" depends="common">
    <artifact type="build.file" file="projects/webapp/client/build.xml"/>
    <artifact type="jar" file="repository/client.jar"/>
  <project name="common">
    <artifact type="build.file" file="projects/webapp/common/build.xml"/>
    <artifact type="jar" file="repository/common.jar"/>
  <project name="server" depends="common">
    <artifact type="build.file" file="projects/webapp/server/build.xml"/>
    <artifact type="jar" file="repository/server.jar"/>

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