This task creates a graph file that can be passed to GraphViz to generate a project dependency graph of the projects registered with WeaverProjects.

This task will require GraphViz to be installed, and the GraphViz ‘bin’ directory to be added to the ‘PATH’ system environment variable.


Attribute Description Required
file Name of output file to contain GraphViz graph file. Yes


<weaverGraph file="c:/cvslocal/root/build/projects.dot"/>
<exec executable="C:/Program Files/ATT/Graphviz/bin/dot">
  <arg line="-Tjpeg c:/cvslocal/root/build/graph/projects.dot -o c:/cvslocal/root/build/graph/projects.jpeg"/>

Call ‘WeaverGraph’ task to create a ‘projects.dot’ GraphViz input file. Call GraphViz executable, ‘dot.exe’, to receive ‘projects.dot’ and generate ‘projects.jpeg’. This example assumes that GraphViz is installed at the specified directory.

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