Personal Blogs

You can create your own blog, as follows.

When you log in, you should see your name appear in the “Logged in Users” section in the sidebar. Click on your name to go to your “user page”.

Click the [Edit] option to edit your user information.

Near the bottom, type something like the following (substituting your name in place of “BC” and “BC Holmes”).

[BC’s blog|BC Holmes/blog]

(While you’re editing that page, maybe you might want to consider providing a brief blurb about yourself.)

Then save.

Now you should see an option that says something like “create BC Holmes/blog”. Click on that link to create your blog page. Once you’ve clicked on that box, you should get an edit box. Type the following in the edit box:


Then save. Now you have your own blog page. If you want to post to your blog page, first make sure that you’re looking at your blog page, then click the “post blog” link at the top of the screen.

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